Sniper Vs Sniper Online Coming To iPhone This Friday?

UPDATE: We just received an email from Com2uS saying:

Com2uS’ upcoming game, Sniper Vs. Sniper, has run into a few issue with the iTunes review process. We will be delaying the release of our game to the 4th week of the month (ie. Oct 19th to 24th)”

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After the glorious success of Homerun Battle 3D for iPhone, Com2uS Korea’s leading mobile game publisher is ready to repeat it’s success with Sniper Vs Sniper Online.

You play as a Sniper whose mission is to take down enemy sniper who fires at you from concealed positions. The game features 3 game modes:

  • Online Match up: Go head to head against other players from all around the world
  • Alliance Attack: Work together with other snipers to hunt down terrorist groups
  • Single player: Choose between 1 vs. 1 or campaign mode to fulfill 6 missions


  • World Ranking: Improve your rank and become the best Sniper in the world
  • Chat with other players: Chat with other snipers from other countries
  • Upgrade Weaponry: Increase your accuracy by earning 6 special items
  • Special Mission: Complete up to 30 missions to upgrade your equipment
  • High quality stages: 5 detailed stages to battle in Match up mode
  • Friend’s List: Add up to 20 friends (or enemies) to battle against them online
  • Accelerometer: Tilt to aim and tap to shoot controls

Online match up mode in Homerun Battle 3D made it possible to play with other players around the world which certainly increased it’s replay and entertainment value. Com2uS has extended the Online Match up mode in Sniper Vs Sniper by allowing users to chat and send pre-recorded messages to your opponents. While the Alliance Mode allows you to join your efforts and take down all terrorists however, we would have liked if one player could be assigned the role of shooter and the other spotter.

Sniper Vs Sniper Controls


Click anywhere on the Screen to start searching at the location you clicked in Binocular Mode

Double tap the screen to go directly to Scope mode

Top of the screen shows you and your enemy’s health bar


Locate the enemy sniper by tilting your iPhoneto the direction you want to look

Click the Crosshair Icon on the bottom right to switch to Scope mode


Once the enemy sniper is in the center of the crosshairs, tap the bottom right button to fire

If you miss fire, your location will be revealed to the enemy

When we asked Com2uS about it’s availability on App Store they told us “Sniper Vs Sniper expected to be out end of this week. Fingers crossed for Friday”

Let’s hope Apple approves this amazing game this Friday so we can show off our marksmanship skills!

Sniper Vs Sniper: Online Full Preview (iPhone / iPod Touch)


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