Sniper Strike Promises To Challenge Your Shooting Abilities

Sniper Strike iPhone
Sniper Strike [rating: 3.5/5]

There are plenty of Sniper games for iPhone in the App Store and some of them have found a spot in the Top 100 iPhone games category. Sniper Strike is a new shooting game from Donoma Games which adds some interesting game-play modes to the genre and promises to challenge your shooting abilities!

Sniper Strike has three game-play modes which include Arcade, Massacre and Protect the Flag. In Arcade mode you need to spot a particular target in the crowd and then shoot it. As you continue to locate the enemy and shoot you earn more money which can be used to buy more weapons and upgrades. If you kill the wrong target then you lose the money which adds some challenge to the game. Massacre mode allows you to shoot any number of targets in the given time and in Protect the Flag mode you have to stop the enemy from taking the flag away from the map.

Current version of Sniper Strike offers two maps to play in, both Village and City maps are well designed. Most Sniper games have been criticized for including static targets which makes the game dull, Sniper Strike adds a fresh look to the game with beautiful isometric graphics and targets which move around the Village and the City.

Sniper Strike iPhone Game

The game does not support online or local multiplayer which was a disappointment however, the game does support Open Feint to enable global high score and achievements to unlock.

Sniper Strike is a great game but it stills needs more depth in its gameplay. Your targets will never shoot back at you and you cannot interact with the game environment. Shooting at a building wall will not result in any action. The sound effects are good, firing bullets and reloading your weapon sounds realistic.

Control system in Sniper Strike is very simple. You can tap anywhere on the screen to target your enemies and tap on the right to fire. Shooting at different parts of the body of a target will result in varied damage and aiming for the head can be challenging initially. You can zoom into the map by buying the scope upgrade in the weapon store which allows you to be able to zoom up to 3 levels.

Sniper Strike for iPhone has a lot of potential and if the developer updates the game with more features and maps it will definitely add more re-playability and fun to the game.

Price: $1.99 (iTunes Link)

The Good

  • Targets not static
  • Challenging game-play modes
  • Open Feint support

The Not So Good

  • No multiplayer
  • Limited interaction with the environment
  • Gameplay needs more depth

Reviewed by: Ravin



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