Snappy Dragons for iPhone: Let the Fireballs Fly!

Snappy Dragons for iPhone-1

Snappy Dragons for iPhone-1

[rating: 4.5/5]

Snappy Dragons Review: A game where dragons and wizards do NOT peacefully coexist and fireballs are the solution. The baby dragons have been kidnapped by the mean wizards and are being held hostage. A wizard guards each baby, and there are a few extra wizards around for more “protection.” Your job is to take out the wizardss with your fireballs and set the babies free again.

Your challenge is more difficult than it first appears, as the terrain itself is an obstacle. Water, mountains, floating forms that move, and other defenses present themselves along the way. And you only have so many fireballs to work with to save the babies.

Snappy Dragons for iPhone-2

The gameplay is a bit like Angry Birds and a bit like Mario. The challenges get more complex and each of your fireballs must be deployed effectively to master the level. There are a variety of environments you will find yourself in, everything from steaming jungle to frozen tundra. These provide some nice visual variety with their bright colors and cute themes.

The sound environment is mostly nature sounds with a measure or two of music every now and then. It’s a nice change from the soundtracks found in many other games. The sound effects provide good feedback when you throw your fireballs and they hit an obstacle.

Snappy Dragons for iPhone-3

Snappy Dragons {$0.99} is a cute, well-designed game that is difficult enough to make you work for it and want to come back until you’ve solved the puzzle. There’s plenty of variety too to make it worth the price.

What we like:

  • Zoom feature allows you go out to see the whole puzzle and go in for better control
  • Tracers help you adjust your aim
  • Visual environments are bright and diverse

What to know:

  • Having the playable area larger than the viewable screen forces you to choose between a wide angle or zoomed-in view. Constantly making this choice interferes with gameplay after awhile.


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