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We reviewed Baseball Slugger: Home Run Race 3D for iPhone/iPod touch almost two months back (link to review). The game has been a huge hit on the App Store and Com2uS is happy to sponsor iTunes Gift Cards giveaway worth $50 to encourage players to share their gaming tips for one of their popular games.

The action is fast and frantic and it all results in a game that just can’t be put down, you can even choose a playlist of you own tracks to accompany you while you play if you like. if you a fan of baseball then Baseball Sluggers is as addictive as Flight Control and should be downloaded immediately.

Share Baseball Slugger Game Tips and Win iTunes Gift Cards!

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32 Comments on “Share Baseball Slugger Tips and Win 5 iTunes Gift Cards”

  1. alleyezon3

    if someone could post the best way to get combo homeruns, I'd appreciate it. I always feel lik I got it but when I gt to the end of the round I'm short but like 4-6 so someone please help me out…..thanks!!!!!

  2. mongooseman

    I woulnt start out playing online first. Start out with some practice, and set it to regular speed option. Then, Start practicing your hitting. Always wait for the ball to come to you, and then sqing. It takes some getting used to, so be sure to practice. Otherwise, i love the game

  3. fazfznz

    – You want to Practice in training mode before you do anything else

    – Then you want to move onto Arcade and Classic Mode. You want to be able to hit a fair amount of hrs and get a good amount of Points by the end of your time out. You also want to be able to gain alot of gold balls, which help you buy better equipment upgrades so you can hit better.

    – Third, you want to earn some achievements in Missions and that will help you know how well you can do in Online and Matchup mode.

    – Fourth, You want to practice hitting the various pitch types before you go into online mode. You want to be able to make contact with most pitches and by the end of your time practicing hitting the different pitches you should have a good sense of where the ball is headed before it gets there. You should have your timing down when your done with this step

    – You shouldn't save up all your gold balls just to get the best equipment, but you can get better equipment faster by having good equipment and thus it will help you to gain more gold balls. Eventually you will have the best equipment and you would have gotten it faster than if you have saved every single gold ball you earned.

    – Finally, you should now be prepared for Online Mode. You will play matchup mode and you should be able to rise in the rankings. Don't forget to rinse and repeat steps 1-5. Practice makes perfect.

    – For equipment, i've found that having better Contact equipment along with decent Power equipment is the best way to go . Balanced equipment isn't too bad either.

    Anyways, Good Luck everyone else, I hope this helped!

  4. Nicholas macdonald

    Start out by playing classic or arcade mode until you can hit around 6 or 7 homeruns in one go. Don't worry this takes a while to learn. The best way to hit homeruns is to learn how to judge when to hit the ball and where to hit it I ussually hit it when the ball is about 3/4 of the way to you. Okay by now you probably want to know what gold balls are and how to get them. Gold balls are very helpful in becoming the best and the best way to get them is to go online and find some good rivals to play. Start out lower in the ranks then work yourself up. Also don't be afraid to spend your gold balls right away I find that buying a decent bad early on helps increase the speed at wichita you gain more gold balls. At first it might seem overwhelming at how much stuff you can buy but start out buying atleast one bat then start saving up for some really good items. However if you keep getting beat just spend those gold balls on other decent items like shirts ans start saving up for the more expensive stuff later. Also don't be afraid to go back to training. Training lasts forever and is a great way to start getting back in your groove especially when you haven't played in a long time. Training is also useful right before you go online and I tend to hit atleast 20 homeruns before I go online just for a warm up. Hope these tips helped and I will see you online.

  5. youngluck

    Gold Balls Fast: Play Classic Mode, let the first 9 balls whiff by, every ball after that will be gold.
    Classic Mode is also the easiest way to achieve the 10 Crash and 50HR in a game challenges. Because all the balls pitched are fastballs right up the middle.
    Contact is the most important thing to strengthen as often balls you think you miss get knocked out of the park.
    Finding 10 online rivals is the easiest challenge to cash out on as it requires no work.
    The fastest way to accumulate points in arcade mode is to worry more about strings than actually aiming the ball. By your 4th Homerun, you accumulate the equivalent points of a crash or a cycle, every home run after. Crashes or pole hits do wonders for your points when hit with a 3X or 2X ball. A 3X, 1st Home run ball hit with a crash or pole hit delivers 1500 points per ball, whereas 3X ball hit without a crash only delivers 600.
    When Chasing the Win 10 Matchups in a row challenge, lose 2 games on purpose first. Drop your star ranking down, its the only real ranking someone looks at when facing up against you… then when you do find a weaker matchup ease back a little… make it close. Nothing motivates an opponent more than “almost” winning… The first rule of Vegas and Scratchers lottery tickets….

    Good Luck.

  6. danasperling

    Best Way To Get Gold Balls:Playing match up a lot to get gold balls. The best way to get them is to unlock achievements. Go look to find one or two you want to beat and just focus on it. You will get all the best gear just by doing that. 20 home run combo, 20 crashes a game and such gives you lots of gold ball points.

    It is much faster to accumulate gold balls when your are facing others. Unless you really begin crushing the ball in arcade mode, it is harder to get ,multiples of points.

  7. daniel88

    1:Learn possible achivements and try to accomplish them in Arcade mode

    2:Don't save up for the best equipment right away, buy a couple bats and sets of clothes in between

    3:Don't play Matchup Mode until you are confident that you can win more than 50% of the games (to avoid your ranking from dropping a lot)

    4:Train on every single type of pitch, and pay attention to the direction they go in. Soon you will be able to predict where the ball will end up for every single pitch

    5:If 2 pieces of equipment cost the same amount of goldballs i.e. boots and gloves- and you can only afford 1- buy the 1 that gives better statistics for your player.

    6:Try to avoid customizing your player's appearance (skin color, glasses, hair, etc.) before you get decent enough equipment

    7:If your winpoints for Matchup is already low, try facing quite higher opponents if you feel your winpoints don't reflect your skill and technique (if you win you will get over 20 winpoints, and if you lose you will only lose around 3 winpoints)

  8. Jaskaran

    I am in top 50 in all 3 modes globally (#1 nationally in all 3 modes), so I guess I know something about this game =P
    So here are my tips for the game

    *For those who are just beginning the game, don't keep on collecting gold balls for the best gear, keep on updating in between! It would help you do the missions faster which will in turn give you more goldballs!

    *Aim on specific missions to get goldballs. Some are very easy and give a lot of goldballs, eg, Adding 20 rivals!

    *While upgrading your slugger do not waste goldballs on things like hair,glasses,beards etc. unless and until you have a slugger who is fully upgraded! These things won't add to your POWER or CONTACT!

    *Cycling is worth 500 points in a match so you should try for it! The direction in which the ball goes depends all on TIMING! For hitting towards the left, swing a little early, for centre, swing just perfect, and for the right, swing just a little late! All you need is practice and then it gets very easy!

    *If you are facing difficulty playing certain deliveries, PRACTICE them in the practice mode! It does help you improve!

    *There are 3 types of gear available to buy, one is for POWER, one is for CONTACT and one is BALANCED with both equally! I personally prefer using a mix of the balanced and the control kit, but it totally depends on what kind of player you are, so any of the 3 kits will be good enough!

    *Once you have done enough missions and there aren't much left to do, play online for more goldballs! Get better and improve your rank, play in higher channels and win even more goldballs!

    I hope my tips would prove helpful to you guys! Enjoy this game, it's freaking AWESOME!! =D

  9. Nomad7674

    When coming back to Baseball Slugger, always run through an offline mode session (Classic or Arcade) before starting up “Match Up” mode. It may be less fun and earn you fewer balls right away, but it will remind you head and hands of the timing of the various pitches. This way, your first time facing a human opponent, you'll have already worked out any kinks or lags from time away and be ready to crush the competition.

  10. Stewie

    The thing that has given me the best advantage is practicing hitting the different pitch types. Go ahead and hit a hundred balls of each pitch type. You'll soon find yourself able to recognize which pitch is coming and you can anticipate the way it will move. Some pitches start high and dive late. Others are fairly straight. The balls that curve or drop a lot can be hard for a newbie to hit, as they often anticipate the ball being somewhere that it won't be when it crosses the plate. If you recognize the pitch type early, you can get the bat shadow in the proper position to drive it deep. After all, making good contact is the biggest part of the battle!

  11. braindkt

    Team up with a trustworthy friend who'll not annoy you by beating you and do the missions. Cast a spell on your opponent to bring swing lags :O

  12. mesud

    1. Always go after cracking the ball and hit it very hard.
    2. Try to hit it to the left, middle and then to the right so you can get many points.
    3. Save your money untill you have enough to buy your favourite item.
    4. Use training mode untill you are very good and always makes homeruns. Then play online.

  13. Steven Good

    To get an easy 500 gold balls, start up online mode and click the rival button on your opponent. Quit, and repeat. Easy Gold balls in about 2 minutes.

  14. markmaltese

    Here is a very good tip…when playing matchup, only pick on the guys with low winpoints. That way, you can be pretty sure that they are bad and so you will win. Never play ppl that are the same winpoint as you are, because it will cause you to lose a lot of points if you lose.

  15. mrholder

    It's best to use your index finger and not your thumb when tapping the screen. Get to where you can hit to center field several times in a row. Lower your finger slightly closer to screen and use this position to hit balls to the left. Raise your finger slightly away from the screen (from center field hitting position) to start hitting to the right. Tap your finger and never press on the screen, as this will result in strikes (the bat won't swing).

  16. mrholder

    It’s best to use your index finger and not your thumb when tapping the screen. Get to where you can hit to center field several times in a row. Lower your finger slightly closer to screen and use this position to hit balls to the left. Raise your finger slightly away from the screen (from center field hitting position) to start hitting to the right. Tap your finger and never press on the screen, as this will result in strikes (the bat won’t swing).

  17. terrymr

    I don't actually have Baseball Slugger, so my tip would be this : Buy Baseball Slugger if you want to be eligible for itunes gift card giveaways.

  18. OTGGamer

    The key is to build up your player by buying new equipment with gold balls. You will need to do it incrementally, so don't try and save up for all the best stuff right away, otherwise you'll never reach it. At the same time, don't waste gold balls on facial hair and sunglasses which don't add any stats to your player.

    If you add some low to middle value stuff, then you will find it easier to accomplish some of the achievements and earn big gold ball payouts, allowing you to purchase the better stuff.

    I tried to keep my power/balance stats equal as I upgraded, but I know others who just focused on power and have also done quite well.

  19. MarvinJoa

    If you want to get automaticly 500 gold balls you have to add 20 people to your friend list.(Celebrity achievement)

  20. craigwillis

    My top tip is to watch the shadow of the ball, this way whether the ball is patched slow or fast you'll know exactly when it's about to hit the plate.

    Cycling can earn you big bucks and this is where you hit home runs over left, right and center. You will then be told which section to hit the home run over to earn evening more points.

    To do this time your swings based on your initial timings to hit the ball. Hit a fraction early to hit the ball left, a little late to hit the ball right.

    Using these techniques you should be earning all the points you need rule both single player and online modes of the game.

  21. laurenng

    1) When starting out, try not to waste your gold balls on cheap items and save up for the better ones which give better bonuses.
    2) It's best to practice when you first get the game in arcade or classic so that your ranking doesn't drop.
    3) Find a comfortable position before playing (best not to lie down though) so that you'll be prepared to hit.
    4) Don't get anxious when you or your opponent are close to winning because the pressure can cause strikes.
    5) If you are basically tied with your opponent and the next hit wins, don't hit a perfect homerun because the first to land wins! It's better to just get a hit.

  22. sf49lu

    I am ranked #18 in the entire world, so I know what I am talking about. To start off, play some matchup to get gold balls. You need to purchase some better gear to start out with because the gear you start with is bad. It is not nearly powerful enough. I suggest you save up and get all the Dolphin's (blue) attire. This is a very good set because it gives you enough power to compete, but it is also cheap enough to afford. Once you get the dolphin gear, keep playing, and when you are playing, practice hitting the ball straight ahead so that you hit the large scoreboard everytime you hit the ball. This will take some time to perfect, but once you get it down, you will get many many points. This strategy, combine with the bonus you get for hitting a streak of homeruns, will get you pretty far. However, when you start playing people who have a similar skill set as you, you must learn to aim the ball. For this, go into arcade mode. here are some tips: To hit it straight, you must practice and find out the timing for it. Once you have established this, then you can learn to hit it left or right to achieve cycling. To hit it to the left, you have to hit the ball early. to hit the ball right, you have to hit it later than you would when you hit it straight. Practice this, and you will get it down eventually. In the beginning, it might be a little frustrating because you will get some foul balls. But in time, it will improve your chances of winning. Once you have got that down, you can begin practicing how to aim, and also hit the scoreboard on left, center, and right field. If you can start a match by getting “crash” on each of your hits and achieve “cycling” in only 3 hits, them you are almost guaranteed to win. This will take A LOT of practice, and even I have not perfected the skill. Also, when you start getting enough gold balls, you can get the best gear, which would be the fire, lightning, and knight gear. My suggestion would be not to get all the fire gear, although it gives you the most power. This is because if you are equipped with all fire gear, then you are too strong, and therefore might hit the ball over the scoreboards, which is not what you want. Instead, I suggest the firebat, with the fire helmet, and equip your slugger with everything else knight. This gives you the control you want with enough power to hit the ball into the scoreboard. Good luck, and practice hard. You will be on the scoreboard in no time :)

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