Apple’s Second Gen iPad to support mini-USB port and camera?

Electronista is reporting that Goldman Sachs analysts Henry King and Kevin Lu have claimed to have some new information as to what we can expect from the second gen iPad.

From their 4 predictions based on ‘industry checks’ we can expect at least one camera (I’m betting two), a lighter design (wow, who’d have guessed?), a mini-USB port (I’ll say it now, not a chance!) and for the current 9.7 inch size to be kept.

As for the much rumoured 7 inch iPad, the Sachs pair say it’s still not quite ready for prime-time and may have to wait for a release. Either way, the next tablet will still be made by Apple’s usual manufacturer – Foxconn.

So to wrap up – we’re getting pretty much exactly what we expect from the 2nd generation iPad, plus a mini-USB port that I’m sure only King and Lu think might happen.

Personally I’m more interested in what size screen any future Apple tablet may have. With the current version sitting at 9.7 inches and its main competitors expected to be the Galaxy Tab and BlackBerry PlayBook, I fear we may see a shrunken iPad next time out.

Of course, Apple might give us a choice. They’re good at giving us choice, right?

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