Second Gen iPad to feature Gyroscope?

iPad Teardown Reveals Gyroscope Part of Original Design

In an interesting piece in EE Times they relate that when UBM Insights completed their teardown of the iPad they found an unpopulated area on the PCB next to the accelerometer which would fit a similar design of gyroscope to that found in the iPhone 4.

They even went so far as to trace the circuits from the empty space on the PCB back to the iPad’s Apple A4 processor and found that it closely resembled the wiring in the iPhone 4’s gyroscope setup.

The actual layout on the iPad PCB is for a different gyro than that used in the iPhone 4. But it matches what was probably the only unit available to Apple at the time they were prototyping the iPad.

This all seems to point to a gyro definitely being a feature of any iPad revision, and makes me think that we will most likely see an iPad with a gyro and RAM bump before we see a real version 2 iPad with a higher resolution display and cameras…

Does an iPad with a gyro make you glad you waited to buy and iPad? Or perhaps sad that you jumped the gun on a first gen iPad? Or will you just buy another? Do let us know in the comments.

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  1. Ja

    Just to tell you, I got hooked on this website when you did the iPhone 4 keynote live feed. I have been reading ever since. I wanted the iPad when it came out, but didn’t have enough money at the time, so I have been saving for the second gen now, and am excited about the gyro.

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