Rolling Kongs Review for iPhone: A Fun Entertaining Puzzle Game

Rolling Kongs-2
[rating: 4/5]

Rolling Kongs-2Rolling Kongs Review: A new puzzle game for iPhone and iPad brought to the App Store by Ntreev Soft Co., Ltd. and if you are quick you’ll be able to grab it for just 99 cents. The question is though, should you?

The game starts with a brief back story which concerns a couple of Ape like creatures having their stash of banana’s stolen only for them to head off travelling from planet to planet to recover their lost loot. While this story is continued throughout the game it’s not necessary to follow it to enjoy the game.

There are 24 planets for your furry friends to travel through each with 12 levels, so on numbers alone Rolling Kongs has a lot to offer. The premise of each level is to clear the blocks from the screen by joining them into 2 by 2 squares and then touch them to make them disappear.

Rolling Kongs-3You achieve this by twisting the playing area either to the left or to the right to change the way the blocks fall against each other. Get to to connect into the required minimum 2 by 2 block and you can make them disappear.

Things are kept simple to begin with and the first few levels will even guide you through the process of clearing the screen. Things obviously get much more difficult as things progress and soon you’ll find yourself making use of the undo button to get yourself out of dead end situations.

You start each level with 5 stars but as you struggle to clear the screen the stars will gradually disappear. You can repeat each level however should you want to go back on your previous high scores.

Rolling Kongs-1Rolling Kongs {$0.99} is not only a fun puzzle game but it looks and sounds good to, I would have liked to have seen more than just the 9 achievements with the Game Center integration but perhaps more will be added with a future update.

If you like puzzle games you can’t go too far wrong with Rolling Kongs, it should keep you entertained and puzzled for a good few hours.

What we like:

  • 100+ levels
  • Great value for money
  • Easy controls

What to know:

  • More achievements needed


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