Rolling Fall Review: A lack lustre attempt to get on the zombie band wagon

Rolling Fall iPhone

Rolling Fall iPhone

[rating: 2/5]

Rolling Fall Review: The undead have hit the App Store again and while the world may not be over run with zombies yet it appears the Apple’s gaming platforms certainly are.  This time the zombies come in the form of Rolling Fall ($0.99), a physics based puzzle game where your task is to kill the zombies by using the gravitational pull of cannonballs falling to the ground to kill them.

Cast as the lone survivor in a city over run by flesh hunting zombies you use a variety of objects to smash, maim and ultimately kill off the zombies that infiltrate everyone of the 80 levels that come with the first instalment of the game.

The levels take up the whole of the iPhone’s screen but not beyond it so there is no scrolling around the levels required. Instead in a similar way to Cut The Rope in Rolling Fall you cut the chains of suspended iron balls, wooden boxes and a variety of bars to smash the still, in both meanings of the work, standing rag doll zombies.

As with this genre of game things start is with single chain cuts releasing balls onto the zombies putting them out of their misery.  Things doesn’t stay so simple for long though and soon you will be having to perform multiple cuts in a timely man nor to ensure the balls and bars fall and roll in the appropriate direction to kill their foes.

Rolling Fall

The graphics have a certain zombiesc charm to them and the music is suitably haunting to add to the spooky environment but there is certainly nothing here that you haven’t seen before. The 3 star rating system too is a tried and tested formula that enables you to complete the game relatively quickly with a simple 1 star rating but offers the added value of being able to return to the game to clear them all with 3 stars.

The rating is scored of how fast you complete the level, how hard you hit the zombies and the number of traps you use and with every useable object having it’s own weight, friction and elasticity rating the challenge is to use them in the most appropriate way to get the best results.  Don’t be expecting blood and gore in this zombbiefest however as the rag doll zombies are exactly that, simply crumbling with contact rather than being blood curdling smashed apart as you may expect in such games.

80 Levels with the promise of more to come does suggest good value for more but there’s not much variety in them to keep the more serious gamer entertained.  And if you are a fan of zombies the lack of blood and guts may leave you thirsting for more also.


  • 80 levels
  • Spooky atmosphere


  • Repetitive levels
  • Lack of blood
  • Lack of variety


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