Promo Codes: Ringr Roulette for Drunk Dialing

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Don’t fight your drunk dialing habit, embrace it!

Unlike other mobile phone apps that work to prevent drunk dialing, Ringr Roulette actually encourages it. Let Rignr Roulette take the guesswork out of who to call. With a simple shake of your iPhone, Ringr Roulette will go through your contacts and choose someone for you to babble to late at night or early in the morning. Ringr Roulette also allows you to create an “excluded” list while you are clear-headed. This helps avoid those hard to explain calls to your mom or your boss at 2 in the morning. Ringr Roulette also has easy to understand sound effects in case you aren’t seeing your screen too clearly.

Rignr Roulette is simple to use:

1. Get really crazy
2. Shake your iPhone
3. Wait for the “chicken out” timer (user settable in case you NEVER want to chicken out)
4. Wait for phone to ring
5. Babble incoherently about how much you hate and/or love the person you are talking to.

Never drunk dial without Ringr Roulette again.

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