RIM: PlayBook still capable despite no PIM features

The BlackBerry PlayBook is universally acclaimed as one of the most promising tablets to be announced in the last few months, and with its impending launch it’s sure to turn a few heads with its impressive performance and fancy UI. One problem many critics (including my good self) have thrown at it though is the reliance on being tethered to a BlackBerry smartphone.

As a standalone tablet machine, the PlayBook won’t have access to PIM functions such as email, calendaring and contacts. All these features requite a smartphone in order to function – a limitation sure to put some potential purchasers off.

But fear not PlayBook fans, for BlackBerry’s Senior Product Manager Ryan Bidan says the device is still a capable machine ‘in its own right’ while going on to say, “This is not a device that is reliant on a BlackBerry.”

Interestingly however, Bidan did stop short of addressing the issue of the missing apps directly but he did say that PIM functions “will come as the platform evolves’.

That’s no good now though is it, Ryan?!


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