Rhymes for Tots for iPad from Punflay [Preview]

Rhymes for Tots_3

Rhymes for Tots_3

Rhymes for Tots

With more and more children getting there hands on technology more and more apps are coming out to meet that market. I know this from first hand experience because if I can’t find my iPad I know I’ll probably find it with my six year old daughter.

A new game that will be hitting the App Store soon the simply titled Rhymes for Tots which as the name suggest introduces young children to some of the most popular nursery rhymes.

Jack and Jill, Humpty Dumpty and Hickory Dickory Dock are all presented in animated form along with subtitles for your child to sing along with. While these nursery rhymes are well presented it’s only the beginning of what this app has to offer.

Each nursery rhyme also includes up to 5 mini games themed on the rhyme in question. The games include match games, join the dots, find the shape, rhymes and my favorite, a great coloring game where you get to color pictures from the nursery rhyme in question.

There is a lot packed into this single application and if appropriately priced, at the time of writing the price was not known, it could be a great addition to the iPad of any parent that has young children.


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