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Enter into a world of frenzy with World of Tunes

Key Features:

– 4 Different Rhythm Action Game Modes: Story Mode, DJ Mode, Crazy Mode, Free Play Mode!

– Immerse Story line with 10 unique stages each with synchronized music and game play!

– 4 Customized boss stages with unique music and individualized attacks!

The adorable Tuneys bounce into aerobatic action as you tap along according to the rhythmic music.

Full screen touch controls immerses you in a fully interactive adventure.

Fun for all ages with easy to learn controls

Various types of beats from indigenous music to electric piano music

I’ve played many types of rhythm games over the years on all kinds of platforms and the latest one is World of Tunes which is like a cross between Bubble Bobble and Tap Tap Revenge.

Tuneys are your friends in this world and as they dance along to the musical beat your aim is to tap on them at the right time to complete each level as you work your way to the end of level big boss. Each level is ranked as is normal with this style of game and this allows you to go back and try to improve on your previously set scores.

To complete each level you must tap each Tuney at the peak of its height as it is launched into the air and as you would expect completing a chain will earn you bonus points. While most of the Tuneys only require a simple tap others require a swipe and some a triple tap. And then there are the bosses!

Some of the boss levels will take you a few attempts until you can beat them but this is no bad thing as the level of the challenge is set just about right, although with the option of Easy, Medium or Hard you can choose whether you want to complete the game in 15 minutes of 15 hours! Each boss requires a different technique to defeat them so ensure that you watch the pre-boss animation so that you stand the best chance of moving on to the next level.

In addition to Story Mode there is also Free Play, DJ Mode and a locked Crazy Mode. Free Play allows you to play any of the unlocked levels for fun, DJ Mode is more of a Tap, Tap clone with the Tuneys all landing on a set line rather than the random style of Story & Free Play modes.

The music is your standard computer game music but it works well and the graphics look wonderful and the game play, graphics and sounds work in perfect harmony. However the music can be a little repetitive at times and the addition of a Juke Box to play the music for pleasure only seems a little wide of the mark.

All that said World of Tunes is a joy to play though once and if the music doesn’t annoy you too much there is also a good amount of replay value in the game.

iphone-app-reviews-promo-codes-official-app-store-badge_touch_4Price $1.99

The Good

  • Great graphics
  • Fun game play
  • Frantic action (esp. on Hard!)

The Not So Good

  • Repetitive Music

World of Tunes Screenshots

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