Take A Note: Ultimate Notes App

[rating: 5/5]

Take A Note is a highly useful and slick Notes app for your iPhone/iPod touch.

Take A Note is a versatile note taking application with direct access to your notes from any PC or Mac computer. You can browse all your notes as text, sound and image files, copy these files to your computer and even add existing text documents as new notes.

Take A Note has everything you need for your note taking needs on the go: four types of notes, custom categories, search, send by email functions and very nice custom made interface.

It is one of those applications which aims at providing value for money, functionality and easy to use interface.

This app is capable of taking notes in all forms: Text, Draw, Photo and Audio. Readdle has produced an amazing document sharing app like ReaddleDocs and now a Notes app which makes taking notes easier and manageable.

Take A Note has a very simple User Interface you have an option to Add Note, view Notes. Wifi Access, Search and a settings option.

Add Notes

Here you can choose the type of note you would like to create choose from Text Note, Audio Note, Draw Note or Photo Note. Text Note looks like iPhone’s native notes app with an additional option to categorize your notes in any any custom category. While composing your note you can also email the note you created within the app. With Audio Note you can record anything you would like to keep safe. Draw Note allows you to scribble anything on the screen with options to choose pen size, erase, email, add comments and categorize. With Photo Note you can choose any picture from your Saved Photos, Photo Library or take a new picture within the app, pan, zoom, comment and save your photo memo.


There are 5 default categories in which your notes are automatically sorted: All, Text, Audio, Drawing, Photo and then your custom categories. Each category shows the number of notes it has.

Wi-fi- Access

Take A Note uses WebDAV protocol and may be mounted as network drive. So, you can easily transfer your files from your iPhone/iPod touch to your computer. This feature also allows you to enable or disable password protection for Wi-fi access. With Wi-fi access Take A Note makes backing up and sharing your notes very easy.


Search for the notes you created either by Title or Content.


Enable Password Lock for the app, change font settings, volume boost and Alphabetical Sort.

Take A Note is definitely a must have for all those who find themselves writing notes at random places and losing track of important information and on the other hand it certainly qualifies for professional use.

iphone-app-reviews-promo-codes-official-app-store-badge_touch_4Price $4.99 Sale $3.99

The Good

  • Supports Text, Audio, Draw and Photo Notes
  • Password protection
  • Wi-fi Access using WebDAV

The Not So Good

  • We would like to see an option when you can take notes combing Text, Audio, Draw and Photo.


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