Review: SWIRL – 3D Arcade Racing

review-swirl-3d-arcade-racing-iphone-ipod-touch[rating: 3.5/5]

A game that will get your head spinning!

Get ready to fall, bounce and tumble through five challenging worlds, dodging obstacles and picking up stars, power-ups and racing helmets! Beware of infected mushrooms and paint buckets!


  • Five Challenging Worlds
  • Unlimited Number of Levels
  • Six Original Soundtracks
  • High Speed 3D Experience
  • In-Game Chat (Feint)
  • Global Hi-Score (Feint)
  • Awesome 3D Effects

Swirl might be a little different from the racing game that you are used to; there are no cars or any other vehicles here. It’s a first person view of yourself speeding through a tunnel with obstacles everywhere waiting to take you out. This game takes some serious concentration and quick hands to land a high score and to advance to the next level.

The developer has made full use of the iPhone’s accelerometer, you will literally be twisting your device 360 degrees over and over again (just be careful not to drop it). The game is basically a 3 dimensional tunnel that you’re hurled into with the main objective being to collect as many stars as possible to score points. As you race through the tunnels you will run into some helpful items and some that are not so helpful, which include:

  • Power Ups- Regenerates Health
  • Racing Helmets- Speeds you through the level without any damage
  • Infected Mushrooms- makes you delusional
  • Paint Buckets- Hinders your vision by splatting the screen with paint

The amount of levels is endless, but there are five different boards for you to conquer; each board is unlocked by accomplishing a set task at a certain level, and if you don’t complete that task then you can continue on racking up the points to get on the leader board. I find that each board is very difficult to unlock and if you made it to the third board, I would say that you are pretty darn good at this game.

iphone-app-reviews-promo-codes-official-app-store-badge_touch_4Price: $2.99

The Good

  • Full use of the accelerometer
  • Addictive game play
  • Online leader board and chat

The Not So Good

  • Tasks to unlock each board are very difficult
  • Needs a timed mode (coming in an update)
  • No Auto Save
  • Repetitive

Reviewed by: Fishinsmit


SWIRL Screenshots

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