Friki Tricks: Addictive Puzzle Game

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An addictive connect 3 game that you need to check out.


  • Time and Arcade Mode
  • Up to 100 levels of fun
  • Bonus Items
  • Local and Online scores
  • Resume Mode
  • Sound and Music On/Off support

Friki Tricks is an intense connect three puzzle game that keeps putting on the pressure as you level higher. The game is fairly simple (well maybe at the beginning), the point is to line up three or more like items horizontally or vertically, and get through 100 levels, don’t worry you can mess up three times before your game comes to an end.

When you start the game you have the choice to play Timed or Arcade mode. In Time mode you are given 30 seconds to make 120 blocks disappear, and after each set of blocks you remove, you are rewarded more time. If you want to take it easy at your own pace then Arcade mode is for you, no time limit, so you can take your time and not get stressed out. Once you complete a board you get to spin the bonus wheel to earn items that could greatly help you get a higher score or maybe get something that could hurt you. The game really starts to get hard when your eyes start to play tricks on you after staring at these funny looking blocks for so many levels and your number of possible moves start to get lower and lower.

The User Interface is very simple, swiping your finger across the block in the direction that you want it to go is all that is really required, and maybe a few taps here and there for the bonus round and to purchase the Red Bombs.

The added score board feature brings even more competition to the plate, there is always room for matches against your friends to get the highest score or to just beat your personal best; better yet try claiming a spot in the top 10 on the Online score board.

Friki Tricks Game Hints:

  • Save the Red Bombs for critical situations.
  • Purchase a Red bomb after collecting 100 Gold Coins
  • Keep an eye on the number of possible moves in the lower right corner.

iphone-app-reviews-promo-codes-official-app-store-badge_touch_4Price: $.99

The Good

  • Addictive Fun
  • Online and Local Leader Boards
  • Ability to resume a game after giving your Brain a break.

The Not so Good

  • You may get a headache or your hair might turn gray from frustration


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