Fill Er Up: Calculate Fuel Cost

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A cost calculator for refueling your vechile.

The application was mainly intended to be used for vehicle fuel tanks, but is just as applicable for home heating oil tanks and the like.

Simply enter the price of fuel, the size of the tank and then set the slider to the tank’s current level and…Presto! You are given an estimated cost to fill that particular tank.

Fill ‘Er Up can be used for Imperial and Metric capacity tanks, and accepts dollars and cents for the price.

As long as you know the size of your tank then this is a handy application for you. After inputting that info and the price into the settings menu, it tells you how much it will cost to fill your tank to say half or 3 quarters by dragging around a needle of a fuel gauge. It’s that simple however there of course some niggles, the currency is hard coded into $’s while you could ignore I would have liked to see the app pick up the localization of the device and change accordingly but a simpler solution would be just to not have it there. My other problem would be the fuel gauge itself, the needle doesn’t follow your finger as you drag it making it a bit tricky to get it where you want it or to make adjustments.

iphone-apps-promo-codes-official-app-store-badge_4Price $0.99

The Good

  • Simple and easy to use
  • Handy and potential cost saver

The Not so Good

  • Fuel gauge needs some refining

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