Promo Codes for iPhone/iPad Apps Can Now Be Redeemed Worldwide

New developments in the world of App Store promo codes today, and one much overdue. Up until now if a developer wanted to send out a promo code for their iPhone / iPad apps and games, the receiving person needed a US iTunes account to redeem it. After today’s announcement, the codes can be redeemed on any iTunes account regardless of geographic location.

The accountant on the Developer Portal reads:

Your promo code distribution is no longer limited to U.S. customers. Promo codes in iTunes Connect can now be redeemed by all App Store customers worldwide. Your Team Agent can request 50 codes per version of your app in iTunes Connect and your customers can redeem these codes in any App Store. To learn more about requesting promo codes in iTunes Connect, see the iTunes Connect Developer Guide.

But what does this mean for the masses? Well, first off all this will open our competitions to the whole planet, so if you’ve not entered before – now’s your chance!

Try these : (Each promo code can be used only once, leave a comment below if you use one. Follow us on Twitter or Facebook for more giveaways)

If Tracker ($4.99, View in iTunes) Find anti-inflammatory foods and build a healthy, anti-inflammatory diet. Also tracks calories, fat, protein, and carbs. Includes 2,200 generic and brand-name foods.


Four Letter Words ($1.99, View in iTunes) Four Letter Words from Linguamation Studio is a word game like no other. Featuring compelling graphics and entrancing audio, it wraps the cerebral addictiveness of a word game in the chillaxing deliciousness of groovy ambiance.


Ringtone DJ ($0.99, View in iTunes) Ringtone DJ – Mix your very own unique ringtones!


GoBang Of Chinese Style ($0.99, View in iTunes) This application is a casual game for players named gobang .It has a screen with a large number of elements of Chinese ink painting style and of which you will play with the Chinese classical music.



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