Firemint’s Real Racing 2 Update for iPhone 4S and iOS 5 Coming Soon

Real racing 2 iPhone 4S iOS 5 update

Real racing 2 iPhone 4S iOS 5 update

Firemint has announced that iOS5, to be released on Wednesday, will bring a major update to its popular Real Racing 2 game.

First, Air Play will be supported. This allows you to use your iPhone 4S or iPad 2 as a wireless game controller for a game being displayed on your HD TV. This isn’t mirroring, it’s using the iPhone/iPad as a separate display and input device while the race is being shown on the big screen.

But the biggest update is Party Play. Now up to four people will be able to use the Air Play system to play simultaneously. Each player will be able to control and display info for their car on their iOS5 device. Displayed on the HD TV is a split screen view of each car participating in the same race.

In addition, there are several improvements to the graphics to make them almost better than realistic. Improvements to shadows, lighting, car details, window reflections, car reflections, road lighting, and HDR-like exposure make this updated game just stunning.

These features will only work with an already-released iPad 2 and the soon-to-be-released iPhone 4S, as it requires the A5 chipset to power it. You also need an HD TV and a 2nd-generation Apple TV to complete the system.

Real Racing 2 Party Play


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