iPhone 3GS Capable Of Multi-Tasking With ProSwitcher | Video Guide

One of the most requested feature for the iPhone OS has been the ability to run apps in the background. Many iPhone users were anticipating the addition of this feature in iPhone OS 3.o however, Cut/Copy/Paste and Push Notification turned out to be the highlight.

proswitcher iphone jailbroken multitaskingPalm Pre’s WebOS features a very intuitive interface to switch active applications without actually closing the app, which makes the device capable of multi-tasking. If your iPhone or iPod touch is jailbroken then you don’t have to hope that Apple adds ‘backgrounding’ ability in iPhone OS 4.0. ProSwitcher adds Palm Pre-style application switcher to any jailbroken iPhone running iPhone OS 3.0+

iPhone is truly a revolutionary device, its strength lies in the seamless integration of hardware and software. We hope that Apple will eventually update iPhone OS with multi-tasking feature to remain competitive in the enterprise sector.

ProSwitcher iPhone Multitasking App

How To Get and Use ProSwitcher! Make Your iPhone like a Palm Pre! – Mod



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