PowerMat for the iPhone 4 A Great New Piece of Technology [Accessory]

PowerMat iPhone 4 Review

PowerMat iPhone 4 Review

PowerMat for the iPhone 4 [rating: 4/5]

I love new technology and so when I read about a new accessory that allows you to charge your phone without have the hassle of having to plug it into a power outlet I was fascinated.  So after a recent visit to a local superstore I found myself to be the proud owner of a PowerMat case for my iPhone 4 and PowerMat charging station.

Returning home I was eager to see it in action so I immediately started the unboxing process.  Everything was well packaged and I started with the getting the case on my iPhone 4.  The case is a hard plastic shell which pivots about 1/2 an inch from the top allowing the iPhone to slide down into the case and connect to the connector that is in the bottom of the case.

The case adds approximately 1/4 inch to the bottom of the iPhone but a couple of millimeters to the back and sides so it keeps the phone pretty streamlined and the nature of the case certainly doesn’t pick up the lint, dust and fluff of other cases.  It doesn’t add any protection to the front of the phone but a full screen protector could be used if required.

All hard buttons and access ports are available with one major issue.  The iPhone dock port at the bottom of the iPhone is converted to a micro USB port and a micro USB to USB cable is provided to allow you to continue to easily sync with you PC or Mac. However the problem with this arises with all the other accessories that you may have, you docks, speaker systems, car chargers etc. will not now work without removing the case so if you have a lot of these you’ll need to be prepared to remove the case regularly.

PowerMat iPhone 4 Charging Station

If you can overcome that potentially major issue then you can move on to the cool stuff!

As well as the PowerMat case you also need a PowerMat charging station, these come in a variety of sizes allowing you to charge 1, 2 or 4 devices at the same time.  I went for the two devices model and it’s surprisingly small, sleek and unobtrusive. It has four grip pads on the base allowing it to sit securely on any surface that you place it on.

After plugging it in to the power via the supplied power unit I was ready to place my device on it. Placing the device down on the mat you can feel a magnetic pull between the two units as the device is pulled into the correct position.  As soon as this is done a light will appear on the side of the charging station that is charging you phone which shows you that a good connection has been made.

Should you need to use you phone it’s as easy as picking if up as if it was on a shelf or table.  If your phone completes its charge while sitting on the charging station it while automatically switch off along with the charging light signifying that charging is complete.

Overall the experience of using the PowerMat is a good one as it magically charges your device without the need of any wires. However, the fact that it converts the apple dock with a mini USB can be a real pain especially if you have a lot of accessories that use that port.


  • Charging with no wires
  • Sleek charging station
  • In-obtrusive case


  • Default Apple connecter replaced with a mini USB



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