Photo Philter Phun: Quick and Easy App To Apply Image Filters

iPhone Redeem Promo CodesPhoto Philter Phun [rating: 3/5]

With the new iPhone 3GS and it’s upgraded 3 mega-pixel camera, not to mention the auto focus feature it’s little surprise that more and more people will be using their iPhone as their main camera and with more pictures you are going to want to do more things with them and this is where Photo Philter Phun aims to help out.

PPP (Photo Philter Phun) lets you apply 20 different filters to any photo you’ve taken on your phone or for that matter transferred to your phone from your PC, downloaded from Facebook, Twitter, Safari or any other place you can imagine, if it’s on your iPhone you can apply the filter. The fact that you can apply the filters using any picture means that PPP can also be used with the iPod touch.

Applying a filter is easy, select a picture, choose the filter and preview. Applying the filter can take anything from a second to 5 seconds and the more filters your apply the longer it will take. As easy as it is to apply the filters you can also easily undo the changes using the Revert button so playing around and testing is pretty easy. You can only apply a filter to the whole picture rather than specific areas but as simple as it is that doesn’t really matter.

Depending on the picture the filters that you apply can range from the sublime to the ridiculous and some are definitely better than others with my favorites including the Oil Painting Effect, Negative Image and Sharpen Image, the last of which doesn’t add any fancy effect but can certainly right many wrongs on photo’s that are a little too fuzzy for their own good.

Once you are happy with your creativity you have a few options of what you can do, save the updated image to your camera roll, upload to Twitter or publish to Facebook all of which can be done at the click of a button.

official-app-store-badge_touch_4At 99c you can’t really go wrong with this app and while there are other apps that will allow detailed editing of your pictures this is a quick and easy way apply a range of cool effects.

The Good

  • Quick and easy filter application
  • Easy share option via Twitter & Facebook

The Not So Good

  • Filters can take a while to apply
  • Can only apply filters to the whole picture
  • Detailed editing not possible

Reviewed By: Craig Willis


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