Your Pet Zombie: Get Your Very Own Virtual Zombie And Let the Destruction Begin

Your Pet Zombie Rating: ★★★★½

For those who loved their Tamogotchi or virtual pet are sure to be mesmerized by this flesh-eating virtual pet zombie game. With incredible graphics and the ability to stop and come back later to continue taking care of your zombie, this game is sure to be a winner. Toss the bones aside because this zombie is on a strict diet of brains!

This user friendly strategic touch action game requires you to feed your pet zombie often or else it will eventually starve and die, again. As humans try and sneak by your zombie when he’s sleeping, you lunge and attack your prey in the order you’d like them to be eaten. Oh, don’t forget to pick up their brains for bonus points that can be used to unlock and/or purchase various features and upgrades.

Pet zombies get full too. Once your pet zombie is fat and full for the day he will no longer be able to move. You will have to drag survivors to your pet to continue feeding him. Here are some of the unique features wrapped up in this exciting game of flesh:

  • UPGRADE YOUR ZOMBIE: Visit the Brain Shop to spend all your hard-earned brains on upgrades, special abilities, interactive toys, and new companions for your Pet Zombie.
  • SEASONS: Enjoy Your Pet Zombie’s beautiful art, spanning an entire virtual year: Spring, Summer, Autumn, and Fall. Each season has a new background and unique survivors for your Pet Zombie to eat.
  • ZOMBIE PUPPY: Purchase the Zombie Dog in the Brain Store to startle survivors and keep them on the screen longer, making it easier for your Pet Zombie to catch them. The dog will also play fetch with the Eye Ball toy…if he’s not too busy sleeping.
  • ZOMBIE GIRLFRIEND: Is your Pet Zombie starting to get lonely? Order a Zombie Girlfriend from the Brain Store to keep him company. She will charm troublesome military survivors and look good doing it…you know, for a dead chick.

Wait, the excitement doesn’t stop here. Coming soon in a much anticipated update is:

  • Thriller costume for your zombie!
  • Fast-paced “Anti-Survival” mode!
  • Celebrity zombie girlfriends!
  • New fantasy survivors (wizard and witch)!

And that’s just version 1.1! Hurry now to the app store to get your very own virtual zombie. Let the destruction begin.

App Store Badge

Price $.99

The Good

  • Graphics
  • Strategic touch action
  • Multiple upgrades in the brain store
  • Exciting new updates coming soon

The Not So Good

  • Several points required to make purchases in the brain store
  • Waiting for the updates

Reviewed By: Dana Sperling

Your Pet Zombie Trailer


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