PC Guy to Open WWDC Keynote today?

There are a lot of rumours flying around that the “Get a Mac” series of ads are coming to an end with a blockbuster finale at WWDC this year.

Justin Long will not appear in this last ad. But apparently John Hodgeman, who plays “PC Guy” in the iconic sketches, finished filming a skit last week where he tries to get a guy drunk in a bar and steal his Apple iPhone prototype.

Does that story sound familiar?

This would be a very fitting opening to Steve’s Keynote. And the rumour is that that is when it will be shown.

Hodgeman has done special ads for WWDC before. Below is the short piece he did for WWDC 2007.

Will you be sad to see the “Get a Mac” ads go? Is this a fitting end to them? Let us know how you feel in the comments.

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