Paradise Quest Upcoming iPhone Game From I-play | Video

Paradise Quest iPhone Game

I-play sent us details about their upcoming game called Pradise Quest in December alongwith a Christmas present, a free copy of Paradise Quest PC Game to give us an insight into how the iPhone game will look and play.

Paradise Quest adds a very unique twist to popular match 3 style game by offering an adventure story mode and various missions to accomplish.

Today I-play posted the first trailer of Paradise Quest for iPhone on YouTube. The game is already popular with over 5 million online players and will be available for iPhone/iPod touch soon.

We were very impressed with the PC version and even though there are many match 3 style games in the App Store, Paradise Quest offers a fun filled puzzle game experience.

Game Details

A PUZZLE WITH A REVOLUTIONARY TWIST! An exciting take on the ever-popular Match-3 puzzle genre: each match you make moves you smoothly across the puzzle board. Explore the map to find special items and complete your mission through 50 addicting levels!

AN EXCITING TROPICAL ADVENTURE Play as renowned ecologist Dr Evan Finch to restore the majestic island of Isabela to its former beauty. Collect natural resources to revive lush vegetation, restore a mighty animal kingdom, and uncover the ancient artifacts of a lost Galapagos civilization.


  • Drag and swap objects to make matches
  • Colourful graphics,  enchanting sound effects and dazzling animations
  • Multiplayer challenges over bluetooth and Wi-Fi
  • Bonus Pack (in app purchase) 20 new addicting levels

Paradise Quest iPhone Game Teaser



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