Nintendo President: Apple is the “enemy of the future”

Apple Vs Nintendo

In a week of revenue declines, and mixed messages from Nintendo (NTDOY.PK), finally some truthful comments concerning Apple seem to have emerged from the gaming company’s home land.

Earlier in the week the President of Nintendo America waxed lyrical about promising sales figures, breaking records and the fact that the iPad was no threat to the Nintendo DS.

In the days following, Nintendo’s newly published financial figures told a slightly different story. A story of declining sales in all of its major markets. To put this in perspective for a moment, Nintendo is still selling a lot of stuff, and is still a healthy company. The question though, is for how long.

Finally Nintendo’s president in Japan has come out with what seem like more realistic, and exciting comments than his US counterpart has been able to conjure up.

The Times Online is reporting the following:

Nintendo is preparing to unleash the full force of its development and marketing artillery against Apple after profits tumbled at the Japanese giant for the first time in six years.

Satoru Iwata, the Nintendo president, is understood to have told his senior executives recently to regard the battle with Sony as a victory already won and to treat Apple, and its iPhone and iPad devices, as the ‘enemy of the future’

Nintendo’s President seems much more switched on to the fact that it’s not just the Apple iPad they should be considering as a rival in isolation, and assuming that it by itself could be considered to not necessarily be a direct competitor to the DS. What he sees, and the US President of Nintendo does not, is that they should be worried about the iPad, and the iPod Touch and the iPhone when considered as a group, as each are nibbling away, in their own way, at Nintendo’s market.

These comments sound a little reminiscent of the kind of comments Steve Jobs is attributed as having to say about Google and its aspirations with Android. Albeit Iwata-Sans comments are considerably more respectful as they are coming from the very polite culture of the Japanese.

Game on then! If anything, Apple should be flattered that they have caused such a flap in one of the gaming industry’s biggest players.

Do you think Nintendo have a fight on their hands with Apple’s growing dominance in the gaming sector?

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Stephen NorthcottNintendo President: Apple is the “enemy of the future”

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