NFL Quarterback Challenge: iPhone Game Review

NFL Quarterback Challenge [rating: 3/5]

While I may not be a native of the USA I have quickly come to be a huge fan of the American Football and from the College games on a Saturday to the NFL games on a Sunday, (and Monday nights), I am a fully paid up member of the the football game with a rugby ball! The iPhone/iPod touch has has a plethora of quality American Football games, Backbreaker and Madden 10 to name but two, but an officially licensed game from the NFL has to scream quality and more importantly fun, but does NFL Quaterback Challenge for iPhone live up to that impression?

The first thing to say about NFL Quarterback Challenge is that it’s not a full on American Football sim in the style of Madden 10 or NFL 2010, in fact, as the name would suggest it’s more of a mini game focusing on the skills of the Quarterback, specifically the power and accuracy of throwing.

NFL Quaterback challenge iPhone_4Starting a new game presents you with you chance to customize your game to your favorite NFL Team, the scrolling method to choose your team can be a little frustrating but as you should only have to do that once it’s not too much trouble. You are then presented with a tutorial which will take you through the basics of controlling your QB’s arm to throw the ball via the simple method of pulling your finger down the screen screen from your QB’s head down his back before releasing your finger to launch the ball. Changing the direction of your finger as you drag your finger will ultimately change the direction of the throw too.

The controls are really that simple as is the game play. Spread across 9 different environments form the football field, golf course, airport, beach and high street to name but a few the aim of the game is to simply hit the NFL team logos that are strategically placed around the screen. Initially the targets are static and will be easily hit even the ones that are way down field. However, as you progress through the levels the the logo’s are placed on moving targets which increases the difficulty accordingly.

High scores can be uploaded to the ProAPPSports website although they do ask for both your email address and cell phone number, it remains to be seen what they do with those, and you can even enter a competition to win various NFL prizes including tickets to the Pro Bowl.

For an application that is officially endorsed by the NFL I was certainly hoping for a lot more. It does have a certain can’t put down addictive quality to it which will add some value to the game but considering that this is a $2 game some people may feel a little short changed.

official-app-store-badge_touch_4Price: $2.99

The Good

  • ‘Just one more try’ appeal.
  • Difficulty set just right
  • Official NFL Licensing

The Not So Good

  • Too simple
  • No variety of game play

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