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Next Read is a virtual book shelf on your iPhone/iPod touch which not only keeps a track of books you like but also keeps a track of books suggested to you by other sources!

• Fast Amazon based search lets you quickly search for books.
• Weighted scoring system lets you rank books by the value of suggestions.
• Recommendation sources are completely customizable, allowing you to tailor your own scoring system.
• Share lists with other Next Read users over WiFi or anyone else by sending them a list via email.
• Shake Search makes it easier to find books you might be interested in.
• Quick Add allows you to enter a book quickly right when you hear about it. The details can be refreshed later.
• Take notes on each book in your list.
• Browse Listmania lists that contain books in your lists.
• Clean, simple layout lets you get the facts fast.

Next Read certainly compliments an avid reader’s Lifestyle by offering great ways to never loose a track of any book you wanted to read. Next Read offers a very intuitive interface to add books to your wish list by either searching through Amazon (allows you to buy books too) or adding them manually with Quick Add option (requires Title and Author or ISBN Number) and take notes.

Next Read adds an interesting feature to assign score to source (Family, friend or Book Store) of the books, this scoring system is completely customizable. The scoring feature could prove to be helpful in prioritizing your next book. When you tap on a book you could either raise the score or reduce the score to zero to delete it. Once you have a list you can easily share it with friends over Wi-fi. The books can be sorted according to its score, source, author, or genre.

If you find yourself writing book titles at random places and wished being more organized Next Read is your answer!

Price $2.99

The Good

  • Amazon Integration
  • Customizable scoring system
  • Keeps your wish list organized

The Not So Good

  • More sorting options could be added (titles)
  • Keep past read books record (even after zero score)

Promo Code

If you would like to get Next Read leave a comment below telling us why you like it. It’s that simple!


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  3. mrholder

    I love to read and am always looking and researching the next book I want to buy. This looks like a great app for keeping up with my book list.

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