Netflix Updates iOS App, Adds Support for Latin American Countries

Netflix for iOS Updated with New iPad Interface

Netflix for iOS Updated with New iPad Interface

Netflix announced its iOS application during an Apple event in early 2010, with CEO Reed Hastings taking the stage with late Apple CEO Steve Jobs to introduce the long awaited iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch application. On Wednesday, Netflix introduced the biggest update since the introduction of the app last year, fixing up multiple bugs, reorganizing much of the UI and incorporating better support for the new streaming services in multiple Latin American countries.

The app is now download as Version 2.0 and completes an earlier promise from Netflix that they would update the UI for the iPad after they updated on numerous Android tablets. The new UI now displays twice as many movies and TV shows as with the old interface. This simplifies the amount of scrolling and searching for users, who can now discover new content to add to their Instant Queues.

New in Netflix v 2.0

1. Netflix now available in Latin America for iPhone and iPad
2. New iPad UI for all regions – US, Canada, Latin America – requires upgrade to iOS 5
3. Addressed stability issues
4. For support questions please contact us at [email protected]

Netflix for iOS also introduced its services in Latin America after Apple announced that they would be bringing their iTunes Store there for the first time. With Appleā€™s transition, Netflix introduced its services for the same price, likely adding many more subscribers to their already hefty list.

Netflix is a free application in the Apple App Store, but requires a $8 a month subscription in order to view TV Shows, movies and other media available for streaming through the application.

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    New update doesn’t allow the app on droids to work. They should have tested it better.

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