‘N94’ iPhone 5 / 4S Appears in Apple’s Inventory Database

iPhone 4S

iPhone 4S

With Apple’s “Let’s talk iPhone” media event just around the corner, new details of the potential iPhone 5 / 4S are being revealed. An image of an N94 iPhone 4S appeared in Apple’s inventory database, clearly showing a model number, as well as the words, “iPhone 4S, White, 16GB”.

The name “4S” has been in use to describe a potential fifth generation iPhone since May 2011 and was used intermittently with iPhone 5 as well.

Rumors have also suggested that N94 was under a model number of MD234 while the lower end iPhone 4S showed a model number of MD239. 9to5Mac’s report suggested that IMEI and MEID numbers may suggest that the iPhone 4S may be a World Mode phone, capable of operating on GSM networks. The report also mentioned that the iPod touch might be getting a slight update and a lower price point, with the current 8GB model dropping to $199 from its current $229 price point as well as the addition of white models, improved ambient light sensors, and oleophobic coatings for the displays.

iPhone 5 Back Cover 5

With each year, the iPod touch moves up a little closer to resemble the iPhone, but is slightly lower end than the popular smartphone. Apple is expected to unveil a major update to the iPhone, now being called the iPhone 4S.

If the photos are indeed genuine, then it can be assumed that Apple is manufacturing the devices at a rapid rate and may be releasing the week following the announcement. Apple’s “Let’s talk iPhone” event is to be held on October 4th at 10AM PST (1PM EST).

Will you buy the iPhone 4S? Do you think this photo is genuine?

{via Mac Rumors}

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