Motorola Dubs iPad a “Giant iPhone” in Video for New Tablet

In a teaser trailer for its upcoming tablet, Motorola brandishes Apple iPad “like a giant iPhone,” as if that’s some kind of insult to Apple’s hugely successful tablet. The video, titled ‘Tablet Evolution,’ also pokes fun at the Samsung Galaxy Tab for running a version of Android designed “for a phone.”

The video is admittedly rather clever, and a little bit funny. It pans around a museum display of the different types of tablets in history and lists one pro and one con for each. For example, it shows the tablets of stone on which the 10 commandments were written and notes that while its pro is excellent durability, it also has zero flexibility as it can’t edit.

The teaser is for Motorola’s upcoming CES 2011 announcements, and although it doesn’t give much away, Engadget points out that the buzzing bee seen towards the end of the video is a sure sign that the new tablet will run Android Honeycomb.

I’m still not sure how Motorola’s video points out a flaw in the iPad – iOS is an incredibly popular mobile operating system that millions of users have grown to love – why would Apple change a winning formula for a larger device when it can just modify its existing one?

[via Engadget]


6 Comments on “Motorola Dubs iPad a “Giant iPhone” in Video for New Tablet”

  1. Michael Murdock

    Oh wait for it…the new Motorola tablet runs ANDROID! So…it’s a tablet running a Phone OS. the iPhone runs the tablet OS since the tablet came first. Or did Motorola miss that part of Steve Jobs talking with Swisher & Mossberg?

    Sounds like they did.

    1. Anonymous

      Maasman240 welcome to Doc Murdock’s little world. This guy has to be one of the biggest isheep I have ever seen. I think his senility is starting to show through since he thinks the ipud came before the iphone. Murdock, fix your friggen website, it’s still screwed up and you’ve been told by me and other that it has been screwed up for nearly a year.

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