MonsterKill From Origin8 Casts Gestural Spells on App Store

Origin8 the makers of highly acclaimed Sentinel and hugely popular game Car Mania today announced the release of MonsterKill, their new game for iPhone/iPod touch. MonsterKill is a fresh take on the traditional genre of Tower Defense/defend your castle games. Origin8 takes advantage of the unique multi-touch interface of the iPhone OS and transforms the regular gameplay of placing towers or flicking your finger into fast paced and fun gestural spellcasting system.

The 3D graphics look great and it features OpenFeint for those who love to be a part of the iPhone gaming community.

Gestures to summon spells:

  • Slice and dice them – cut them in two with the cut spell!
  • Summon lightning – give them a shocking experience!
  • Turn up the heat by casting fireballs – watch ’em burn!
  • Need to slow them? Sculpt an ice block and stun them!

official-app-store-badge_touch_4Price $.99

MonsterKill for iPhone/iPod touch – Trailer


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