Momento for iPhone | Great Application to Unload Your Real and Online Life

Momento [rating: 4/5]

Not enough time to keep a diary? Tell it to your iPhone!

With Momento in your pocket you can write your diary on the go, capturing moments throughout the day in the short spaces of time you find free. Tag memorable events, people you meet and places you visit for a fast and effective way to browse and search your moments. You can also create custom tags to categorise and keyword moments however you wish.

Billing itself as a diary for busy people is Momento, which lets you build up full diary entries as the days go on by adding what happens when you have time. These moments as the app calls them can be your own text input, pictures from the iPhone camera or picture library, or from social site feeds. Presently the major sites are covered so you have your tweets, your Facebook status updates, pictures from flickr and your liked songs from but I would like to see more services available in the future.

Moments can also be tagged for event, person, cleverly linking to address book contacts and location, giving you a choice of manual input or gps should you have an iPhone. There is also support for custom tags which can indeed be anything and should you go to use the same tag again it will appear in a list below helping you keep on track of them.

Graphics are a perfect blend of clean, easy to read iPhone interface and real textures, with wooden backgrounds and paper pages adding that extra shine to make it stand out amongst the standard interface crowd. The screen is divided into 4 tabs, List View showing a date ordered list of everything that has been entered, Month View which is your traditional month to view calendar. The Tags tab offers a list of all available tags that have been added to your moments and Feeds breaks down your social feeds into their source, rounding off the package are search filters boxes at the top of most lists making absolutely sure everything can be easily found.

While not a lot makes up the settings menu, accessed by tapping the cog in the top left corner, the main highlight is the xml export via email which would be handy if you were publishing your moments online. Bare in mind though pictures aren’t included in this file and this is no backup file either as there isn’t any way to import data at present. Other settings here are passcode settings, social feed settings and what time you want your day to end.

I find the lack of landscape keyboard support criminal, it’ll take 2 seconds to switch to this mode but the increase in typing speed makes it worth implementing many times over regardless of how little time you have to type. You are also limited to one feed per social network, while perfectly ok for normal people, some advanced users might be disappointed.

The lack of a landscape keyboard spoils it somewhat but this is still a great application for unloading your real and online life upon.

The Good:

  • Great addition to your iPhone/Touch
  • Range of social feed inputs
  • Passcode protection

The Not So Good:

  • No landscape keyboard
  • No voice recognition

Reviewed by: Matthew Green

Price: $2.99 (iTunes Store) as of 19/01/09
Reviewed Version: 1.0.2
Size: 2.1 MB
Seller: Michael Waterfall


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