App Review: Mobile Caddy


Mobile Caddy is a very handy application to keep track of the contents of your golf bag, club specs and how well you have been performing with those clubs


Mobile Caddy is an interactive tool designed exclusively for the iPhone to improve your game and enhance your golfing experience. This simple to use tool automatically calculates your yardage via GPS and provides club recommendations based on the history of your shots.

Mobile Caddy is very useful for Golf players who own an iPhone , sorry iPod Touch owners, your out of luck here as this application makes use of GPS to measure how far you are hitting the balls. After selecting the club you are using from the customisable list of golf clubs and pressing start the application finds your location and off you go to find your ball wherever you may have hit it. On finding your ball you press end and it will show how far you have hit the ball then offers you the option to assign it to the club you were using. As you build up your personal stats the Caddy option then becomes more viable, letting you input the required distance you want to hit the ball with the app returning club recommendations based on either your personal stats or national averages.

While the application is pretty much functional, I say pretty much because I find the buttons randomly unresponsive, but I would like to see an interface makeover as at the moment it is not the best. Yes I like pretty and I would like the software I use on my iPhone to reflect the investment I’ve made in the device.

Feature Request

I would like to see a customisable course list so you can group your stats by what course you have been playing and stat history to be able to see your performance over time. Perhaps with the incoming 3.0 SDK/Firmware could allow for an external GPS support for Touch users maybe?

Price $3.99

Is it worth the money? For a non Golf player I’m leaning towards yes from the awkward middle ground as I can see this being a genuine game enhancing tool but would most certainly say yes if it had personal course and history stats suggested above.

The good

  • A genuinely handy and innovative tool
  • Customisable
  • Includes national club stats until it know you better

The Not So Good

  • Not the prettiest App in the AppStore
  • Price to feature ratio slightly off
  • Interface not as responsive as I would like


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