Me & You Photo Merger Review for iPhone

Me You Photo Merger iPhone Review
[rating: 3/5]

Me & You Photo Merger Review: An app that will combine two photos of two peoples faces into one picture. Take two seperate pictures and watch them merge together to create amusing and fun photos. The possibilities are endless to the faces you can create.

Me You Photo Merger iPhone ReviewWhen you first launch the app to start you simply tap ‘Lets Merge’ then you can either take a snap of the persons face or choose one from your camera roll. Once you have the picture on screen and correctly lined up then tap the tick symbol and it will save it. Then you do the process again for the next image you would like to merge, going through the same process.

When that is all done you can then see on screen the merged image. From this screen you can delete, save to your camera roll, post to facebook or email it. It is worth knowing that the pictures that you take from what is on your phone already can only taken from your camera roll so if you have any other folders in the photo library you won’t be able to use those.

You can use either facing camera and when you have taken the picture you can zoom in and resize what ever part of the picture you are fitting in to the guided area. Only when you are happy with it do you then need to hit save.

Me & You Photo Merger for iPhone ($.99) is ideal for those moments sat down with all your friends and in need of a giggle. Quickly snap the faces for the willing ones and see what funny and strange images you can create. Having the Facebook integration to share with your friends is a great feature to have for those hilarious photos you make.


  • Facebook Integration
  • Can use front or back camera
  • Resize and zoom


  • Only import from camera roll and not photo library.


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