Mac OS X Lion Now Available from Apple’s Mac App Store

Mac OS X Lion Download Available

Mac OS X Lion Download Available

The wait is over! Apple today launched Mac OS X Lion worldwide and the download is available exclusively from Mac App Store. OS X Lion can be purchased for $29.99 and according to Apple it is “world’s most advanced desktop operating system.”

The latest release is 10.7 version of the Mac OS X which brings more than 250 new features to your Mac. Apple has been highlighting some of the new features of Lion which include multi-touch gestures, launchpad, versions, new Mail app and much more that make Macs more intuitive and powerful than ever before.

Tap, swipe, and scroll your way through your apps using fluid Multi-Touch gestures that make everything you do feel more natural and direct. Full-screen apps take advantage of every pixel of your display — perfect for reading email, surfing the web, or browsing photos. Launchpad gives you instant access to all the apps on your Mac in a stunning new layout where you can quickly find any app and open it with a single click.

Apple during ‘Back to the Mac’ event shared that they were inspired by the advancements made with the iPad and aimed to bring the intuitiveness of the iOS to OS X. The company chose to make the software upgrade available only on the Mac App Store while dropping support for physical drives. Even the volume sales customers will need to download Lion from Apple’s digital store for Mac apps.

The download is 3.74GB in size and could take a couple of hours if you’re on a slow connection. It is advisable for you to contact the local Apple retail store as they could be allowing customers to download the software upgrade while in the store and also assisting during the upgrade process.

Have you already installed Mac OS X Lion? Was the upgrade a smooth process? Share your experience in the comments below.


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