Game Review: Knockem


Knockem is a cute game which will keep you entertained as you Knock all the alien creatures down!

Easy to pick up and play in short bursts

Crazy huge combos

Challenging and addictive gameplay

Onboard music and sound effects

Play your own music if you prefer

Suspend a game in progress and return at anytime

Kids love repetitive fun and Knockem is here to do just that!

Knockem’s gameplay and story-line is pretty simple. Alien creatures are trying to infest the micro-landscape of your space lab and your objective is to stop them from destroying your ship.

Once in the game the only weapon you get to destroy the nasty but cute alien creatures is a Space Ball which can be used by flicking it towards the aliens to drain their energy before they escape the red wrap zone, as you play longer Aliens try to infest faster. To get a high score you have to try and achieve a combo by hitting more creatures in one throw.

Knockem is a very simple game which could definitely keep the kids engaged for a long time.

Price $0.99

The Good

The Not So Good

  • Global High Score is missing
  • Power-ups for the Space Ball could be added

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