Jelly Defense Review: The Blobs Go Marching Wave By Wave

Jelly Defense Review-2

Jelly Defense Review-2

[rating: 3/5]

Jelly Defense Review: Defend the precious gems in Jelly Defense by strategically placing towers to zap the invading hordes of blobs.

You are on a very odd world where the most precious commodities are green gems that must be protected at all costs. However, jelly creatures invade and they are out to get them. Your job is to place defensive towers along the path that leads to your stash of gems to keep them safe.

There are specific locations for towers along the path, but which type of tower you place there is your decision. There are blue jelly creatures and red jelly creatures. You’ll need an appropriately colored tower to take them out. While the spawn of the jelly creatures come in caravans of one color at a time, if you think you can stack the path with towers of a single color, you’ll soon find yourself defenseless when a new caravan appears. And you’ll be busy when you shoot down the blobs, as they leave coins behind which you need to collect quickly.

Jelly Defense Review-3

While a red tower takes out red jelly creatures, and the same for the blue ones, there are some mixed towers that can take out both colors, but they are less powerful. The strength of the various towers can be manipulated by purchasing upgrades for a small amount of coins. And you can also sell towers, at reduced value, if you find your color scheme not properly balanced.

The challenge is in keeping your towers balanced in color and size based on the changing waves of blobs in search of your gems. It’s easy to get lulled into a wait-and-see approach, but that won’t serve you well. You need to manage your towers for the needed color and sizes all the while you are picking up the scattered coins left behind from your successful kills. And towers have a delay before they become active, so you need to plan ahead a bit to be ready when the next wave passes.

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The wackiness of the setting and creatures makes for a lighthearted experience. The music is one of the rare ones that actually include vocals, although not necessarily lyrics. Sounds a bit like a soundtrack to a 60s TV show. But it’s appropriate marching music for the invaders.

Jelly Defense is a neat take on the tower-defense theme. Managing the towers is more difficult than it first appears, which may not make this game appropriate for the lower end of the 4+ age rating. More like 8-yr olds in my opinion. But it’s enough of a challenge to keep you experimenting with your strategy in an effort to successfully keep the game going.

What we like:

  • Limited elements, but unlimited combinations
  • Variety of settings and challenges
  • Wacky setting and characters

What to know:

  • Might be hard to hold some folks attentions



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