Jailbreak tool for iOS 4.0.2+ stealing passwords [greenpois0n hacks]

GreenPois0n Jailbreak iOS 4

GreenPois0n Jailbreak iOS 4

I’ll put this out there right up front – don’t use any tool at this moment which uses greenpois0n to jailbreak your iPhone, iPod touch or iPad running iOS 4.0.2 or above.

Now that’s out the way, a little more info.

greenpois0n claims to jailbreak your iOS device running 4.x using the SHatter exploit. Problem is, that exploit hasn’t been released by the Chronic Development Team, the people creating it.

Costin Raiu, a security researcher at specialists Kapersey Labs, claims greenpois0n isn’t doing much other than attempting to steal passwords from users desperate to run their favourite Cydia apps alongside the 4.x goodness.

The jailbreak scene is no stranger to people trying to take advantage of the trusting nature of people looking to unlock the power of their iOS Devices, proving once again that the jailbreak scene isn’t one for the faint-hearted.

Careful folks, it’s dangerous out there!

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8 Comments on “Jailbreak tool for iOS 4.0.2+ stealing passwords [greenpois0n hacks]”

  1. Jackrainz

    While I applaud the OP for warning agains scam sites and such,
    you are doing Jailbreaking and the scene a disservice as well.
    “Not for the faint of heart”…
    Come on dude…
    Jailbreaking is free, it makes your phone better, and there is an entire community of people like me who are eager to help with problems.
    Much better than apple tech support.
    Go to Dev team blog, the only trusted source of jailbreaking, by those who invented it.

    1. DevilsVanity

      lol I think you misinterpret his quote, “Not for the faint of heart”. It sounds like he supports the jailbreaking world but warns those who are not computer savy. Just imagine a noob downloading the Fake Greenpois0n. He/She probably would never attempt to jailbreak an iphone again.

  2. Jules

    I heard greenpoisi0n is a rip off jailbreak that steals your iPod info and doesn’t jailbreak your iPod

  3. Potcha

    What are you, retarded? It’s not even out yet, you dl the fake one. The one that anyone with common sense, could tell it was a scam. Not only do you fall for it, but then make this idiotic, misinformed post, telling people that greenpois0n in general, is fake. People as dumb as you shouldn’t jAilbreak, stay behind Steve jobs walled garden. He made it like that because of fools like you who need training wheels with your technology.

  4. Sneaux63

    I have a 2g Touch that I jailbroke on 4.0.2 using redsnOw 9.5.b5 and it works just great non tethered and all . Is the new greenpoisen going to work when I update to 4.1

  5. Retards

    If people are dumb enough to download greenpoisi0n from any place other than the official website they deserve to get hacked. The official download isn’t even released yet.

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