iWork Coming to iPhone 4?


Dissecting every little move Apple makes is more than a pastime for some, its their life’s ambition. It’s what leads to the rumor and speculation that surrounds Apple and sometimes gives us a juicy little peak into what the future has in store for us. Just such a tidbit surfaced yesterday amid the hubbub around the WWDC keynote address.

In looking through the new iPhone 4 and iOS 4 content posted on the Apple web site, MacRumors and TUAW independently noticed an iPhone 4 screenshot pertaining to the Mail application. It displayed an e-mail message with a Keynote file attachment. The options to open the attachment were Quick Look and Open in Keynote. Did you catch that? An option on the new iPhone 4 to open a Keynote file natively IN Keynote. While the screenshot was quickly replaced by Apple, it may also tip Apple’s hand to some future plans. Document management on the iPhone is a space dominated by a few third party apps like Documents to Go. Bringing the iWork suite in some capacity to the iPhone 4 makes as much sense for Apple as it did to bring it to the iPad. Now that the iPhone 4 and iPad will be unified under a common operating system, perhaps Apple senses the opportunity to bring iWork to the iPhone 4. Never before has such a commonality in hardware and software existed between the two devices. The downside of course is that if it does happen, it will probably be an iPhone 4 / iOS 4 exclusive. Sorry iPhone 3G, 3GS, and iPod Touch owners this will probably be acarrot Apple uses to get those upgrade dollars going.

Are you a current user of third party document management apps like Documents to Go for iPhone? Do you do a lot of document management on your iPhone? Would you buy iWork for the iPhone? Let us know in the comments.

Updated Screenshot
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