iTunes 10.5.1 Released Apple launches iTunes Match in the US

itunes match Apple

itunes match Apple

After weeks of speculation, Apple finally released their new music locker service, iTunes Match. Apple pegged the release for an October release, but delayed it until the first week of November. iTunes Match is currently available to US customers for a $25/ a year fee, which will allow them to scan their iTunes music library and replicate it in the cloud.

In order to utilize the new service, users must update to the new iTunes 10.5.1, which was also released on Monday. Both iTunes Match and iTunes 10.5.1 were released to developers for a beta preview multiple times in order for Apple to work out any issues and bugs associated with the service.

Currently, Apple is only operating the iTunes Match service in the United States but is working to secure licensing to expand availability to other countries.When iTunes Match rent live due to overwhelming response from customers subscriptions were down for bit, with iTunes putting up a message prompting users to “check back in an hour”. iTunes Match joins the market with a number of other cloud locker competitors, including Google and Amazon’s own Cloud services.

Apple will likely expand the Match service to all devices and integrate it more into Mac OS and iOS as more software updates are released and eventually make it a prime part of their cloud expansion.

Are you signing up for iTunes Match? Do you think the $25/year is a reasonable price to pay?


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