App Review: iSperm


iSperm is an insanely fun experience playing as a sperm racing against other sperms to hit the egg first!

This game with its original concept contains:
– Cute graphics
– Worldwide online scores
– Achievements
– Easy to play gameplay

After facing a tough submission process iSperm finally made it to the App Store.

iSperm takes complete advantage of iPhone’s touch screen and accelerometer to create a gaming experience which has never been so much fun.

The concept of this game is based on the fact that only one sperm cell joins with the egg cell which further fertilizes. iSperm’s gameplay is very simple and highly intuitive!

You are one of the many sperms and you race in three phases. The first phase requires you to shake your iPhone/iPod touch vigorously to be able to go faster than the rest of the sperms. In the second phase you have to tilt your device left and right to avoid obstacles and stay ahead in the race. The third phase requires you to tap the screen to make the sperm go faster till you make it to the egg!

The game also features many Achievements to accomplish such as First steps, Sperm Legend, Instinct, Sperm god and more which will surely keep you busy for a long time!

[Update] The latest iSperm update adds a new gam mode called Egg Defender.

iSperm is truly an original concept which will certainly make onlookers stare at you!

Price $0.99

The Good

  • An original concept
  • Perfect game to show what your iPhone can do!

The Not So Good

  • A bit repetitive

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20 Comments on “App Review: iSperm”

  1. bconnors93

    This game is so weird lol, I wouldn’t of believed that apple would’ve accepted this to their App Store. But seems like an interesting game to play, great review.

  2. Gorefest500

    I want this game beause it has such an original concept and I have not played an original game in a while…it simply looks amazing

  3. Brent Currie

    This game looks like fun. I want to play it badly. I also want to see my friends faces when I show it to them. I’m sure they will enjoy it as well.

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