Turn iPod nano into iWatch with iLoveHandles Leather Strap Accessory

Apple iPod nano iWatch

Apple iPod nano iWatch

In early July we reported on a small touch screen panel which was leaked by a website and was rumored to be the next iPod shuffle with touch controls or the new Apple iWatch. Apple surprised us during the special music event where Steve Jobs announced the new iPod nano which turned out to be the smallest Apple device with multi-touch controls.

Apple’s best selling iPod was the nano before iPod touch surpassed the sales to become the #1. Previous gen iPod nano offered video playback, was capable of recording videos and was larger. When Apple introduced the new nano it was clear that they are trying to focus on offering more features in the iPod touch and restricting iPod nano’s and shuffle’s role as a music player only.

If you were disappointed  about Apple not introducing an iWatch then you’d be happy to know that iLoveHandles has come up with a unique accessory for the new iPod nano. The company has started selling Rock Band, a leather strap which has been specially designed to support the new iPod nano and enables you to wear it as a wristwatch. The leather strap will cost you $19.95.

Have you bought the new iPod nano? Will you be buying iLoveHandles leather strap to turn your nano into an iWatch? Let us know your thoughts.



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  1. Guest

    I don’t like it. If anything this should have been the new shuffle not nano. I think this was a step backwards for apple.

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