iPhone OS 4 suggests iPhone4G will support 720p HD recording

The third BETA of Apple iPhone OS 4 has indeed yielded some more details of features we expect to see in the final release of the OS.

AppleInsider are reporting that the SDK gives developers access to API calls for capturing video in 720p format. That is in a resolution of 1280×720 pixels, as opposed to the current iPhone’s capturing in 640×480. Some people are even more convinced now that the new iPhone will be called the ‘iPhone HD’ because of this. One thing to be aware of is that you are not going to see this feature on any current iPhone model, just as multi-tasking is restricted, or not available at all on earlier iPhones.

BoyGeniusReport is saying that file transfer to the new iPhone is possible via iTunes, much in the same way as on the iPad. Which suggests that we are never going to see an official way to mount any iDevice on the desktop as a drive like we used to be able to in the old days of pre-Touch iPods.

On the subject of iPods, the new iPhone OS has a kind of “widget” for controlling the iPod application. If you swipe to the left in the multi-tasking screen on the device you get a set of iPod controls. As well as an orientation lock button.

The orientation lock is another feature taken from the iPad. But this time it is a software switch, as opposed to an actual switch on the outside of the device. We also reported on that and the ability to close apps in the multi-tasking screen, kind of in the style of a Task Manager, earlier this week

What’s your guess for the iPhones new name? Let us know in the comments.


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