App Review: Build-a-lot


Build-a-lot is an exceptionally well built game for all who love real estate development simulation games!

Enjoy all the features and functionality for this immensely popular computer game including:

-Two Modes of Play – career and casual
-35 levels in 8 unique neighborhoods
-Construct, buy, sell and upgrade 8 types of buildings and 6 types of homes
-Purchase blueprints and unlock the CostMart
-Enhanced graphics augment the beautifully rendered animated backgrounds and sleek user interface

Build-a-lot is a very addictive strategy game with an objective to earn money by constructing, buying, renting, repairing, selling houses and hiring work force

In the beginning you are alloted some lots and you begin by buying blueprints for buildings or houses, construct them to collect rent and earn money. Houses you build can be upgraded up-to three times which sometimes require more work force than you actually have. Constructing and upgrading houses requires to maintain stock of materials you have. So as you earn more money you can hire more work force to enable constructing and upgrading your houses faster and also purchase additional material. Over a period of time as your houses get older you might have to repair them to continue collecting rent. Upgrading buildings also increases their value and rent. In the end the total rent collected and value of all buildings is added to your score.

The current version of this game offers two modes: Career Mode and Casual Mode

In Career Mode your objective is to earn money as per the goal allotted by the Mayor of the city by building specific buildings and accomplish the given task in limited time.

In Casual Mode your objective to earn specific amount of money with no time limit.

Build-a-lot compels you to strategize your next move. Your objective is to maximize money therefore you have to make careful choices over your next blue print, construction, work force, and upgrade keeping cost, material, time and work force required to build in mind.

The game also features a detailed tutorial so it won’t take much time to get familiar with the gameplay and in no time you will get engaged in generating money! The graphics, animation and sound effects are also very well done.

Build-a-lot is a highly impressive strategy game which has amazing replay value.

official-app-store-badge_4Price: $ 4.99

The Good

  • Simple and addictive gameplay
  • Very High replay value
  • Graphics and sound effects

The Not So Good

  • Online scoreboard could be added with some titles to be won.
  • Very Very Addictive, difficult to take your hands off this game.

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  1. Kay.F

    This IS a great game. Wonderful graphics, great gameplay, even a nice soundtrack. Cons are in my eyes – the text is sometimes to small to read (Puzzlemania had the same problem, another font helped), but if you played the game on PC, you already know what it says – go get it, it´s worth the money and a great new side of time management games.

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