iPhone 6 to Feature Sharp’s Next-Gen Poly-Silicon LCDs in 2012

According to a new report from Japanese newspaper Nikkan, Apple has selected Sharp as the supplier of LCDs for iPhone 6 (sixth-generation) expected to launch in 2012. Sharp’s next-generation poly-silicon – or ‘p-Si’ – LCD displays are low temperature, and would allow for a thinner and lighter iPhone 6.

The new displays consume less power than traditional LCDs – so they’ll be nicer to your battery life – and because the screen is made of polycrystalline silicon, display drivers can be mounted directly onto the glass substrate to make a significantly thinner LCD.

According to an AppleInsider report, this new technology is a great space saver, and is exactly what’s needed for small devices:

This technology has allowed companies to create “system on glass” devices, in which the optical sensors, signal processing circuits and other components are located directly on the glass substrate. This negates the need for additional components in a device like an iPhone, saving space within the device and even improving battery life with increased efficiency.

The p-Si display also allows for brighter, crisper and more vivid onscreen images using a higher aperture ratio, and offers enhanced durability.

Nikkan’s report suggests that Sharp has already begun preparing the equipment necessary to supply these LCDs, which will be made at the company’s Kameyama Plant No. 1 in Japan.

The Retina display in the current iPhone 4 is one of the device’s most impressive features, boasting a high-density 326ppi screen. Previous rumors have suggested that Apple was looking into the possibility of integrating AMOLED displays into its handheld devices – a technology used by Samsung for its Galaxy smartphones – but the company is yet to employ this technology.


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