iPhone 5s Slo-Mo 120fps Video Showcase – Must Watch

iPhone 5s slow motion camera

iPhone 5s slow motion camera

The camera in iPhone 5s might not have received a major update in terms of megapixels but Apple certainly made some fantastic improvements to its camera system. iPhone 5s camera now has larger sensor, pixels and an aperture of f/2.2.

These enhancements coupled with dual-led flashlight allow the iPhone 5s to collect more light for better looking shots. In addition to these hardware improvements Apple introduced new software features too.

Probably the most exciting feature is slow-motion video that enables you to record video in 720p and then select part of the video to show the video at 120 frames. Some of the videos shot in the new slo-mo mode show how dramatic scenes can be created using just your iPhone camera.

Rishi Kaneria {via Daring Fireball} has posted a video on Vimeo that highlights iPhone 5s slo-mo camera capability by shooting it in different scenarios. The results are amazing and while viewing the video it is hard to imagine that such quality was possible on a smartphone.

Apple often takes a feature and simplifies it to an extent where the user can simply concentrate on creating content and technology becomes invisible. The user shoots the video just like normally they would and iPhone does all the rendering and stabilisation in the background. Apart from selecting which part of the video you want to slow down there is no other setting. This simple approach makes the new feature in iPhone 5s appealing and something that users would love to use again and again.

Check out the video below.


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    Damnit, i need this on my 5! Instead of giving me some useless shit they should add this on ios7 for iph5.

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