iPhone 5S to Include Larger Camera, New Fingerprint Technology, Same Screen Size?

iPhone 5S

According to Topeka Capital markets analyst Brian White, Apple’s next iPhone, being called the iPhone 5S will include the same screen size as the current iPhone 5, a larger camera, and a new fingerprint sensor.

Previously, White had reported that the iPhone would have multiple screen sizes similar to the range of Android devices. However, he is now reversing this claim and is reporting that Apple will be retaining the same screen size as the current iPhone 5. This new claim reportedly comes from a trade show in China where his sources detailed the information.

In the report, White also noted that the volume buttons will be arranged differently and that the fingerprint sensor will be the differentiating feature for this generation. This is in line with all of Apple’s other iPhone features such as Siri on the iPhone 4S and the speed bump on the iPhone 3GS. Brian White has reported on a number of iOS devices in the past, including the iPad and previous generations of iPhone.

In his report, White also mentioned some details on the cheaper iPhone:

Strangely enough, the lower-priced iPhone is still being called the “iPhone mini”; however, the general consensus (albeit a few disagreed and expect a slightly smaller screen) was that this new device would actually have the same screen size (i.e., 4-inches) as the iPhone 5. However, the “iPhone mini” will have a curved back casing made of colored plastic and will be thicker than the iPhone 5. We also learned the pricing could be a bit higher than our recently raised expectation, reaching as high as $400.

Typically, solid details on an iPhone refresh do not come to light until the release date gets closer. However, with already existing leaks and more hardware leaks on the horizon, the iPhone 5S is all but confirmed for release later this year.

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