iPhone 5 to Begin Production in September?

A new analyst report from Avian Securities today cites a component supplier in the iPhone 5 supply chain who claims production of the fifth generation iPhone will begin this September. In a note to investors, Avian revealed Apple’s plans to start production towards the end of this year, and noted that the information was “consistent” with other recent evidence that suggests a late launch of the next iPhone:

Supporting out comments over the last month, conversations with yet another key component supplier indicates that production for iPhone-5 will begin in September. This is consistent with Avian findings in the supply chain in recent months and we believe the consensus view is moving towards this scenario.

With increasing rumor and speculation of a late launch of the iPhone 5, hopes of a new device this summer are quickly beginning to die out. While many expected Apple to announce a new handset at this year’s WWDC, it now seems more and more likely that the event will focus on iOS and Mac OS X as opposed to new hardware.

Avian’s claim fits in nicely with our March report that details rumors that Apple hasn’t even begun ordering parts for the fifth generation device.

Interestingly, in its report Avian also revived rumors of a low-cost iPhone ‘lite’ or ‘nano’. While they offered no details on the device, they did mention that it wouldn’t launch until very late 2011 or quite possibly early 2012.

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