iPhone 5 Camera and Next-Gen iPod touch Parts Leaked?

Sixth gen iPod touch

Sixth gen iPod touch

Following rumors that Apple would be opting for a 3.9 inch screen for its next generation iPhone 5 come new rumors and images that reveal iPhone 5 cameras as well as what appears to be a 4.1 inch iPod touch. Photos of the leaked parts show a taller screen, very similar to the face of the iPod touch, leading to outright claims that this is in fact the new iPod that will come to fruition later this year.

Alongside the claims of the new iPod touch, images of new camera parts and home buttons have surfaced, believed to be parts of the next generation iPhone 5. The iPod touch is the most popular iPod in Apple’s lineup and brings a multitude of features over from the iPhone, over to a cheaper and thinner device. Apple is expected to release the new iPhone in the same October timeframe as the iPhone 4S, with a taller screen, faster A5X chip and possibly better cameras (on the front and back).

iphone 5 front rear cameras

The iPod touch will likely also make an appearance around the same time as it normally does in a September event, bringing a number of new features to the iPod. To top off the upcoming iPhone and iPod touch, Apple is expected to release the next version of iOS with an updated Maps application at the WWDC to be held on June 11th-15th in San Francisco.

{Via CNET — Image Credit: MacRumors}

7 Comments on “iPhone 5 Camera and Next-Gen iPod touch Parts Leaked?”

  1. Russell

    4″ is perfect, now that apple have ditched the lag and got (in my opinion) the perfect sized screen coming, I might ditch the windows phone 8 idea and jump into the iPhone wagon again :)

  2. Dencio of Villasis

    iphone 5 is sucks totally! i’m looking forward for SONY XPERIA SX… let’s be in with the NEW!

  3. Sjg1492

    3.9 is too small.  4.25 is perfect!  Aluminum back, Gorilla glass 2, 4G, and let us customize like android!!!!

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