Will iPhone 5 / 4S Support 4G Network Later This Year?

etisalata homepage with iPhone 4

While a number of previous reports have dismissed any speculation that iPhone 5 / 4S will support 4G (or LTE) networks, an Apple partner in the United Arab Emirates believes it will – claiming the company is in talks with Apple over 4G chipsets to support the high-speed wireless network.

According to GulfNews, the head of corporate communication for a wireless operator in Dubai called etisalat, has confirmed that the iPhone 5 / 4S will launch later this year, and that it will support 4G networks:

Yes, we are in talks with most smartphone manufacturers including Apple on the rollout of the 4G handset, iPhone 5 later this year. As the first telecom organisation to roll out the 4G network, LTE, in the Middle East, we have already started talking to them for the handsets and chipsets in them.

Despite claims that his company has been working with Apple directly, we’re skeptical the iPhone will go 4G this year – or with its fifth-generation. It’s highly unlikely Apple would go through all of the work that it will take to implement 4G into the next iPhone, when its two biggest carriers in the U.S. don’t completely support 4G networks.

It’s likely that by the time AT&T and Verizon roll out their LTE networks, we’ll be closer to the launch of the sixth-generation iPhone and the feature would be largely wasted on the fifth.

{via 9to5 Mac}

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